Friday, September 14, 2012

Check out what I've been using in therapy this week...

I started using Speech Buddies /r/ probe this week.  I have to admit I was skeptical about this product because it seems very different from traditional articulation therapy.  However, after one week, I am impressed!  Check back in two weeks for a complete reveiw.  Does anyone have experience using Speech Buddies in therapy?


  1. I bought the whole set and have used them some but not as much as I expected. They have worked well with some students but not for everybody.

    I've also had a few parents object to using ones that I had sterilized but the price for buying one for each student is too much. These would be great at a lower price point.

  2. Hi Ashley---I just did a review for Speech Buddies as well! I worked on the /r/ with a 9 year old who has beeen struggling with it for a while. You can read the review to find out more, however I would have to agree with the comments from the therapist above and included similar remarks in my review. Overall it's a great concept, but results do vary according to the sound in error. Good luck with your review :) Rose

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