Saturday, September 1, 2012

Short Synonym Lesson

This week, I've been teaching synonyms to my middle school students.  Their favorite synonym activity has been Three Little Pigs Rewrite.  I handed out a copy of the The Three Little Pigs and we read it as a group.  I asked them if they noticed any overused words.  They immediately pointed out "little" so we brainstormed synonyms we could use instead of little and then looked in the Thesaurus to find even more.  We continued to brainstorm synonyms for other words in the story.  The kids were cracking up as we read our new and improved story at the end of the session.  It went something like this...."The first tiny pig constructed his residence out of straw because it was simple. The second diminutive pig assembled his dwelling out of sticks.This was slightly more powerful than a straw abode.  The third petite pig erected his quarters out of bricks."  
"The Gigantic Naughty Wolf"
I wrapped up the session by reinforcing that this activity can be used in the classroom setting.  When the students write papers in other classes, they should replace overused words with more interesting synonyms.  

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  1. Love this idea! I have several variations of the Three Little Pigs & usually do a month long unit with the variations. This would be a nice addition!



  2. Great idea! I've made finding synonyms in a story into a game with my students before, but I think this would be another great way...this gives them a story to look back on and remember how they used the synonyms.