Friday, February 10, 2012

Action Verbs

Pinned ImageDo you all follow Pedia Staff on Pinterest?  If not, you should start now!  You will instantly be hooked.  The other day, I noticed a post that asked what Pinterest picture board would be helpful for speech/language therapy.  I responded that I would like to see a group of pictures that elicit usage of action verbs.  Voila!  The next day, there was literally an entire pinboard of excellent photos.  Check it out here.   I've already used this pinboard for several therapy groups.

Sentence Formation
This is what I had in mind when I requested this pinboard.  I have a student who rarely speaks in complete sentences.  I had him look at a picture and form a sentence of at least 5 words.  "The white owl is skating."

One student needed help adding "ing" to the end of verbs.  These pictures were great help in targeting this goal.  I projected one photo on the board and instructed the student to tell me a sentence about the picture.  The student said, "The owl skate."  I expanded, "Yes, the owl IS SKATING."  He was able to independently add "ing" after I modeled it several times.  He especially liked the animal photos!

I have a group of students working on expanding utterances using conjunctions.  We brainstormed all the conjunctions we could think of and made a collaborative list on the board.  Then I projected one of the action verb photos on the board.  The students took turns telling about the picture using a conjunction in the sentence.  "The owl will eat a mouse after he skateboards."

Thank you Pedia Staff!!

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  1. Just found this board the other day - very excited to use it! Can you tell me more about how you're projecting? I think I have all the technical stuff down (VGA adaptor, my beloved 3m projector, etc.) but it's the logistics....

  2. Dianna, you've brought up a good question! I've been thinking of a better way to project. Currently, I have to stand by my computer and manually change the pictures. I have them projected onto my whiteboard. I will keep trying to find a better way and let you know when I do!