Monday, February 20, 2012

Life Skills Questions

What are the most important questions for a child to be able to answer? Children need to be able to answer so many questions to function in life/school that it is quite difficult to narrow it down to a short list.  However, many students with langauge impairments have an extremely difficult time answering any questions.  Even the simple ones like, "What is your name?"  prove too difficult to answer for some langauge impaired children.  I've compiled a list of questions that relate to safety and basic life skills.  Here is the list I came up with:

1.       What is your name?
2.       What is your last name?
3.       What is your address?
4.       What is your dad’s phone number?
5.       What is your mom’s phone number?
6.       What city do you live in?
7.       What street do you live on?
8.       What is your zip code?
9.       What state do you live in?
10.   Where do you live?
11.   How old are you?
12.   What school do you go to?
13.   What number do you call for an emergency?
14.   What do you do if you see a fire?
15.   What are your parents’ names?
16.   Who are your parents?
17.   What do you say if you need help?
18.  When is your birthday?
19.  Who can you ask if you need help at school?
20.  Who can you ask if you need help at a store?
21.  Who can you ask if you need help at the library?

You will notice that some questions are asked several times but are worded differently.  This is important to teach flexibility to the language impaired child.  Am I missing any key questions? 

Next, I went to Flashcard Machine to generate a set of flashcards based on the question list.  Flashcard machine is FREE!  You do have to create an account though. You can review the flashcards online, on your iPad, or print them out.   Now we will drill, drill, drill until these important questions are mastered!

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  1. I would maybe ask "Who can you ask if you need help at school? At a store? At the library? etc." to work in a bit of stranger-danger information. i.e. you might be able to ask any adult in your school for help, but it's not the same at a store or in the community. Otherwise, great list!

  2. What a great idea! and I had no idea about the flashcard website. LOVE it! I'm going to be using that.

  3. Heather, great ideas! I was trying to think of more "who" questions. I will have to add these!

  4. Missy, I use the flashcard website for many goals. The possibilities are endless!

  5. Very, very useful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great idea! Did you save it in their database? Thanks.

  7. Thanks! I made it private because the answers are confidential. I may have to mess around with it and save one without answers.