Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Idiom Pictionary

Note to reader:  I had to try really hard not to include any cheesy idiom references in this post.

This week, my middle school students had a ball learned about idioms.  The kids especially loved "Idiom Pictionary."  I printed some idioms on individual slips of paper.  Each student had to pick an idiom and draw the literal representation of it on the board.  The other students were the guessers.  Once they hit the nail on the head with their guesses guessed correctly, we discussed the figurative meaning of the idiom and used it in a sentence.  I let them work in groups because two head are better than one groups are more fun!

Can you guess this idiom?

Click here for the idioms I used.

Some borrowed items I used this week included an idiom story and quiz you can find here and Lady Gaga idioms you can find here. "Can't read my. Can't read my. No he can't read my poker face."  See, Gaga likes idioms, too : )

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  1. Love it! I tried to get the google doc, but I don't think you have it set up giving us permission to download it.


  2. Thanks for the heads up! I told you the tech part was difficult! haha I fixed it, enjoy!