Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snowy Day App Exploration

I got the BEST phone call this AM! "We will have no school today due to inclement weather."  YAY!  I decided to spend my day exploring new iPad apps to use for speech/language therapy.

Children with language impairment and children with autism  often times display weak temporal concepts which can cause confusion over the school routine and chronological events. This app will allow the children to explore temporal concepts using the swipe of a finger.  There are 14 time sequences available that explore concepts such as seasons and months.  I haven't even mentioned the best part yet.  This app is FREE. My favorite kind of app : )

iPad Screenshot 1
Change from winter to spring with the swipe of a finger.

I have several Toca Boca apps and they're all great, so it comes as no surprise that the newest game in the Toca collection is a success.  This app will be good for the smallest kids on my caseload.  The free play structure will allow the app to be used for a variety of speech and language goals.  I will use it for vocabulary enrichment, help with categories (fruits, veggies, meats, etc.), and any articulation goal.  The game allows you to choose from four hungry characters and prepare food for them in a variety of ways.  The characters interact by making noises indicating how they like the food you prepared for them.   They will reject uncooked meet or any un-food item.  This app is sure to elicit lots of conversation!

Toca Kitchen
$1.99 in the app store!

iPhone Screenshot 4Following directions can be SO boring.  Point to the first big dog and the second big dog unless I point to the sixth little goose.  blah blah blah.   I was looking for a more entertaining way to work on following directions when I came across Cake Doodle.  You have to follow a recipe, and work on action words at the same time, to make a cake.  Sift, cut, pour, crack, pinch, twist, stir, bake, frost, decorate, eat.  I plan on having the kids write a story about the cake they made to target past tense verbs (which tend to be oh-so-confusing for the language impaired child).  This app is well worth $0.99!    
iPhone Screenshot 2

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