Saturday, March 3, 2012

Diary of a Speech Kid- Part 2

My students were begging for more Diary of a Wimpy Kid activities so I created a few more.  These worksheets cover syntax skills.  Although they are set up in the worksheet format, I never hand my students a piece of paper and tell them to get to work.  I usually project the worksheets onto the whiteboard and we work on them together.  Or, I read the question aloud and have them write their answers on a small dry erase board.  These techniques are so much more motivating than traditional pencil and paper work!  Some of my students required a graphic organizer before the journal write.  We wrote "Monday" in the center of the web and then wrote things such as "I got an "f" on my math test" in the outside bubbles.  Here is the graphic organizer I used.

Check out the Diary of a Speech Kid syntax pages here and the journal page here.

Congrats to Ms. Cheryl for winning A Day with A Difference app!

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