Monday, March 19, 2012

Get More Use Out of Artic Flashcards

Every speech-language pathologist has articulation flashcards.  Right?  Mine were starting to get dusty after the purchase of flashcard apps on my iPad.  However, if you think outside the box, there are some great ways to use these flashcards besides basic drill.  Here are some creative ways I like to use them:

Artic Toss
Spread the flashcards out on the floor.  The child has to throw a koosh ball and have it land on a flashcard.  If the child is at the word level, they flip the card over and say it 5 times.  If they are on the phrase or sentences level, they make up a phrase/sentence containing the word. 

Guess That Flashcard
This game works great played in groups with mixed skill levels.  One student is the clue giver and one student is the guesser.  If the names didn't give it away, the clue giver gives clues about artic cards to the guesser. I choose the deck of flashcards based on the goals of the guesser.  Once the card is correctly guessed, the guesser repeats the word 5 times.  I always choose clue givers who are at the conversational level of articulation therapy.

Silly Stories
Each student gets 10 flashcards relating to their targeted speech sounds.  They must use each word to make a silly story.  They read their story to the group using their best speech sounds.  I save these stories for later use during reading level speech therapy. 

How do you use your articulation flashcards???

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  1. I've also done a mix up game where I give them 4 cards and they choose one, then we turn them all over and I mix them all up and they have to figure out which one is their card. They love it! And they get to practice all the words I put down, as well as the one they choose in a sentence (I think this one is the ____)

  2. Thanks for some great ideas to mix it up with! I usually play go fish, concentration, or incorporate then with Ned's Head somehow.

  3. Sometimes I hide the 'match' somewhere in the room and they have to find it and bring it to me (so I can have them say something) and then they can go find another. They LOVE it!

  4. I love these ideas! Ned's Head has been on my "want" list for awhile.

  5. I had a group play Artic Toss yesterday. One of the boys wanted to call it "So Random". I thought that was a great idea. We also added the following rules: 1. Two tosses only - if the koosh ball doesn't land on a card you miss your turn; 2. Student with most matches wins. We did not use the full deck.

  6. I use Ned's Head as well (1 of each pair hidden inside, the other set out in front of the child. They take turns reaching in to find a card. If it matches, they keep it. Whoever finds all their matches first is the winner). I also use the game "Cooking' Cookies" that I found at Target a few years ago. It comes with recipe cards, ingredients, and spoons with suction cups. The kids can use the spoons to smack their cards and the suction cup will lift the card...doesn't sound exciting, but the kids love it!